XSKY产品首获Gartner Peer Insights收录

日前,XSKY XEDP和XEOS被收录进Gartner Peer Insights平台下“分布式文件系统和对象存储”产品目录。在XSKY之外该目录下还包括Dell EMC,Hitachi Vantara,IBM,NetApp,Red Hat,SUSE,Pure Storage,华为,浪潮等20家厂商。

来自Gartner Peer Insights平台的认证用户为XSKY XEDP和XEOS提供了平均评分4.8(满分5.0)的高度评价。

Gartner Peer Insights是一个面向全球IT专业人员与技术决策者,供其针对业界主流的IT产品及服务进行评点和评分的在线平台。目前,Gartner Peer Insights社区中已拥有超过20条经过认证的用户真实反馈,以帮助用户制定购买决策,同时促进厂商根据用户反馈改善产品。来自教育、金融、交通、制造等行业的多位用户对XSKY的产品和解决方案给出了五星点评。以下为部分用户的使用点评:


原文:We got to know this vendor through our existing server supplier, after initial communication on their product and user cases, we were interested in software-defined storage to improve storage localization rate in our company with a reasonable cost. We hoped to build a NAS+SAN storage system to store large amount of unstructured data such as our user information and ticket information. It would be too expensive if we continued with existing storage solutions. During the test, we found XEDP had rich features and could fully satisfy our requirements to store data. And it has been easy to use and maintain during daily use and helps us reduce our storage cost. It is a product that perfectly matches our expectation.




原文:They sent professional and effective pre-sales and implementation team. We were planning on a cloud project. They helped us solve practical issues at the early stage with solutions which suited our actual needs and tuned out to be excellent in the practice. Based on their suggestions and our thorough consideration, we purchased XEOS and XEBS at different stage of the cloud project to construct a highly-flexible and highly-reliable storage architecture for our cloud platform. It turns out that we made the right choice because their products are well performed and really saved us a lot of time on maintenance later on.




原文:Before started cooperating with this vendor, we didn’t know much about software-defined storage, neither did we intend to adopt it in our production environment. During the bidding process, we had a communication with their tech team members on our requirement to store object application data, they offered us a comprehensive solution of non-structured file storage and network disk device, which turned out to be well-performed during the test, so we decided to give it a try. The deployment was conducted by vendor’s team in short time, and our questions are well answered and solved in operation practice. So far, we’re satisfied with the product and service.




原文:XSKY offers us a proper product for private cloud IaaS. Before adopting the solution provided by XSKY, we tested the open-source Ceph based on OpenStack and the performance was rather disappointing. We care for the performance, stability and data security, and learnt XSKY had successful deployments in the industry, so we had a test. There was better result in performance than other SDS vendors based on open-source Ceph in block storage, object storage, VMware scenario, Linux and Windows applications. We made an initial purchase of 10 nodes to run development and test system. The test environment of the Internet and management systems applications and the transaction system middleware were gradually migrated to the SDS cluster as well. Now there are over 40 VMs running on the cluster, with more to come.

翻译:在创建基于OpenStack的IaaS私有云平台方面,XSKY给我们提供了更好的产品。我们测试过基于OpenStack的开源Ceph, 性能表现不太满意。我们十分注重存储产品的性能,稳定性和数据安全,了解到XSKY在行业中有较多的成功案例,并且测试结果在块,文件,对象,VMware场景,Linux, Windows等应用方面的性能表现比其他基于开源Ceph的SDS厂家更具优势,所以初期采购了10节点的XEDP用于开发测试系统,并逐渐将互联网类及管理类系统的前中后台应用,以及交易类系统中间件的测试环境迁移到SDS集群中。目前该集群中有40个虚机在跑,后续数量会继续增加。

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